ORE Investments

Project Details

ORE Investments, a small real estate investment firm in Los Angeles approached me to design a logo and identity package and a simple landing page for the company as it was starting up.

Roles & Responsibilities

Creative development, graphic design

Artifacts & Deliverables

Logo, business card, letterhead, website landing page

Finding Diamonds In
The Rough

ORE Investments is a boutique real estate investment firm in Los Angeles specialized in finding distressed real estate properties, rehabilitating, remodeling and beautifying them to sell turnkey homes to prospective buyers.

Given the acronym ORE in the company name, the parallelism became apparent between the definition of the word “ore” and the nature of ORE Investments’ busines of finding “diamonds in the rough” and extracting and creating value through their work. This was used as the inspiration for design.

Close-up ORE Investments logo design printed on textured paper
ORE Investments color logo design on dark background
Palm trees against sky background
ORE Investments branded outdoor signage
ORE Investments isometric web page design
ORE Investments logo "plan approved" rubber stamp
ORE Investments logo design with construction grid
ORE Investments corporate identity stationery kit